13 Tasty Kidney-Friendly Sandwich Fillings

Sandwiches are without doubt a staple of a British diet. Whether it’s a traditional cheese and pickle or the favourite weekend bacon butty, you can pretty much guarantee that most enjoy a sandwich on a weekly basis. The great thing about them is that they are super versatile and there is something to meet everyone’s tastes and dietary requirements. If you have kidney disease, then that is no exception. If you’re on a low protein diet, a high protein diet, or have been advised to restrict your potassium or phosphate then sandwiches can still be a great kidney-friendly lunch option. Check out our 13 kidney-friendly sandwich ideas for some inspiration!


1. Chicken tikka flatbread

If you’re big on spices then this Indian-style concoction is for you! Tikka marinades can be made without salt as they contain plenty of other flavourings to stimulate those taste buds. If you don’t want to create your own, you can find chicken tikka pieces in the chilled section of the supermarket. Just watch out for those phosphate additives in the ingredient list if you’re on a low phosphate diet. Add it to flatbread and top with chopped cucumber, sliced red onion and coriander.


2. Roast beef ciabatta

Got any leftovers from your Sunday roast? Perfect! That’s Monday lunch sorted then. Slice it up thinly and put in some delicious fresh ciabatta bread, top with rocket and a thin layer of horseradish or mustard. Whatever takes your fancy! Your sandwich, your choice!


3. Egg mayonnaise multigrain

You can’t go wrong with a classic egg mayonnaise sandwich. We recommend using soft multigrain slices of bread for this one. Eggs are a great source of protein if you’re following a vegetarian diet. You can make it with salad cream or mayonnaise but if you’re trying to lose weight, try and choose a low-fat version and use sparingly. Don’t forget to add lashings of black pepper, it really adds flavour. And the addition of cucumber slices provides a great crunch. Bulk preparing this filling and leaving it in the fridge for up to 2 days to enjoy another day is a great time saver!


4. Steak and caramelised onion baguette

Steak sandwiches always hit the spot! Thinly slice strips of juicy steak and top with slowly cooked sweet-tasting caramelised onions and a small handful of peppery watercress and serve in a wholegrain baguette. It tastes even better with a small dollop of dijon mustard. This takes an ordinary sandwich to a whole new level!


5. Toasted mozzarella, tomato and pesto roll

Mozzarella, tomato and pesto is a winning combination that you can’t go wrong with! Fill a wholemeal crusty roll with these ingredients, stick in a sandwich press until the mozzarella is soft and gooey and you have the perfect Italian-style lunch.


6. Tuna nicoise roll

Bored of your usual tuna mayonnaise sandwiches? Then give it a makeover with this tuna nicoise version. Add chopped boiled egg, lettuce, sliced red onions and a couple of chopped black olives and it’s as simple as that. Serve it in a wholemeal soft roll with a sprinkling of black pepper. If you’re on dialysis then this is a great choice as it’s absolutely packed with protein.


7. Cream cheese and veggie pitta bread

If you’re on a low protein diet, then cream cheese is a good option as it’s lower in protein than many other cheese varieties. Toast a wholemeal pitta bread, add a layer of cream cheese and top with your favourite fresh veggies. If you’re not on a low potassium diet, the addition of avocado is a great choice for some healthy fats.


8. Turkey salad bagel

Turkey doesn’t have to be just for Christmas!! This high protein super lean meat is a great healthier choice. Lightly toast a wholemeal bagel then layer with slices of turkey, thin slices of tomato and crunchy lettuce. For a more fruity taste, add some cranberry sauce or if you prefer a low-fat mayonnaise works well too.


9. Falafel wrap

If you’re on a plant-based diet, this delicious falafel wrap is a winner. Chop up cucumber and tomatoes into small cubes, add coriander and a garlic yoghurt sauce and roll into a wrap for this tasty middle eastern treat.


10. Houmous and oven-roasted vegetables flatbread

You don’t need to miss out on delicious sandwiches if you’re following a plant-based diet. This one is great to get lots of extra veggies in your meal too. First oven roast some peppers, red onions, courgettes and aubergine in olive oil and cumin. Then layer a toasted flatbread or pitta bread with houmous, top with your veggies and add a  sprinkling of coriander. You can make extra veggies and save them for your next meal and serve with brown rice, wholemeal pasta or couscous.


11. Fish finger sandwich

We all probably enjoyed these in our childhood! And it’s super easy to make. Bake 2-3 fish fingers and serve them in your favourite sliced bread with fresh lettuce and a small spoon of tartar sauce. This is the perfect comfort food hot sandwich!


12. Mackerel open rye sandwich

Have you heard of smorgasbord? These open sandwiches are popular in Denmark and traditionally served with fish. This mackerel version is a great way to add omega 3 healthy fats to your diet. These work great with rye or pumpernickel bread and are great served with radish, rocket and dill.


13. Spicy veggie fajita wrap

Another great lower protein choice for those on a low protein diet. Stir fry strips of mixed peppers, mushrooms and onions in some olive or rapeseed oil, add a touch of paprika and chilli powder and serve with a wholemeal wrap. This tex-mex meat-free style meal will be a great hit with children too though you may want to go easy with the spices!


Note: Check out our no-salt bread recipe for any bread making enthusiasts. This bread will be a great accompaniment to any of these sandwich fillings.

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