Our mission is to provide people with kidney disease with clear, trustworthy and practical information to make the best decisions about what and how to eat to live a healthier and happier life.

brand story

As NHS renal dietitians, we‘ve always been passionate about teaching people with kidney disease about diet. But we also understand the challenges in achieving this in our current healthcare system.

We’ve listened to people with kidney disease about the struggles they have with managing their diet. We heard they can feel lost and unsupported with limited access to someone who can guide them.

When they’ve looked for more information, they are sometimes left feeling overwhelmed, confused and frustrated with the huge amount and often conflicting advice. We’ve seen a real gap between what they want and what is available.

And so the idea behind KidneyWise was born! We want to provide an online platform in the UK for people with kidney disease to learn about diet from experienced renal dietitians.

Meet the founders



Hello, I’m Lina. I have been a renal dietitian in the UK for (gulp!) over 20 years now. I combine research with providing diet advice to people at all stages of kidney disease. Seeing that “penny drop” moment when people finally understand what they can eat and watching their confidence grow is what I strive for.

I am also passionate about research and was awarded my PhD (doctorate) from Imperial College London 10 years ago. A bit more about myself – I have two young children and so understand the challenges of cooking for a family. I own over a hundred cookbooks and rarely cook the same meal twice!



Hello I’m Nevine. I’m so excited to share KidneyWise with you all and be able to continue to do the job I love after 15 years of working in the NHS as a renal dietitian. Being able to provide easy-to-understand information in a practical way that makes a real difference to people’s daily lives and overall health is what lights me up!

I’m now on a mission to support as many people as I can with kidney disease by helping them make changes to their diet and lifestyle that meets their individual health goals. My other real passion is travel and I’ve visited over 40 countries. So you can also rely on me for some great travel advice! I’ll be taking KidneyWise with me wherever I am in the world!