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Pancake batter
1. Add flour to a bowl
2. Add the milk
3. Whisk by hand until no lumps
4. Whisk in egg
5. Melt butter into a frying pan enough to coat it (on medium)
6. Add in batter enough to thinly cover the bottom
7. Wait until batter is cooked and starts to brown on the edges. Flip over.
Should see a nice browned webbing pattern on pancake.
8. Wait for a few more seconds and flip onto a plate, and cover with foil to
keep warm (for pear and chocolate pancake, immediately add the chocolate
to melt)

Pear & chocolate
1. On the hot pancake, sprinkle over the finely grated dark chocolate and
watch it melt.
2. Evenly spread your pear slices
3. For added indulgence, add 1 tbsp whipped cream, roll and enjoy!

Blueberry jam & whipped cream
1. Spread over the blueberry jam
2. Spread over the cream. Roll and enjoy!

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